The patenting pending Upland Sling is the only zero interference shotgun sling designed for the shotgun carrying hunter and shooter. This advanced design fully supports the weight of a shotgun without restricting movement, allowing you to shoulder, swing and shoot instantly. The Upland Sling takes the weight of the shotgun off your arms and distributes it to your shoulder and skeletal muscles.

The benefits you will experience include:
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased comfort in the field
  • Proper gun safety for hunting group and dogs

Never again will you need to sacrifice reaction time or all day comfort in the field. You will be able to hunt long after everyone else is ready to call it a day.

Hunt Smarter, Not Harder




We put the Upland Sling through rigorous tests with some of the most experienced hunters to design a product that is durable, functional and affordable. To view product options, click here.


Upland Shotgun Sling | Slip on Shotgun SlingUpland Sportsman | Non Permanent | Non Marring | Slip on Shotgun Sling




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