The patent pending, universal, slip-on shotgun sling allows the hunter or shooter to balance the shotgun at their side while absorbing the weight into the body.  It's unrestricted design allows you to instantly move from a resting stance to a shooting position with zero interference from the sling.  



We put the Upland Sling through rigorous tests with some of the most experienced hunters to come up with a product that is durable, functional and affordable. To learn more about how it works, click here.


Upland Shotgun Sling | Slip on Shotgun SlingUpland Sportsman | Non Permanent | Non Marring | Slip on Shotgun Sling




    Types of Shotguns

    November 27, 2013

    By Ryan KirbyWhen buying a shotgun, there are many different factors to consider.  Gauge, size, type and brand to name a few, but one of the first things you must consider is what type of shotgun is best for you.  There are four basic types of shotguns, all of which accomplish the same goal which I have briefly described below.  Each type has its own pros and cons; you must carefully consider each type and what the gun will be used for.A single shot shotgun is a gun that only holds one shell at a time. They are typically the least expensive type of shotgun available, mainly because you only get one shot before you have to open the breach and...

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    Electronic Fences and Bark Collars

    October 09, 2013

    Electronic Fences and Bark Collars By Dr. Jane Leon Some owners find that the electronic devices work when other behavior modification solutions fail. The negative feedback of the static electric shock, combined with proper training, can help curb unwanted behaviors. These devices have been used to control hunting dogs in the field, to keep dogs from nuisance barking, and to prevent dogs from entering certain, off-limits areas. In addition, there are specific situations where containment is needed and above-ground fences are not allowed. In a case such as this, buried electric fences are the logical alternative. Finally, there are times when shock deterrents are the only form of behavior modification that work to correct a problem. When other attempts fail...

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